We follow CBSE curriculum prescribed by NCERT. Our focus is towards the newer methodology integrating technology taking into consideration the learners need, emphasizing life skills and analytical thinking. The administration of the school is carried out by eminent educationists, experienced academicians and able administrators. Our management strives to provide Quality education to the under privileged children of the small town of Natham and the surrounding areas, on par with their counter parts in the urban schools.

Academic Outcomes

Nursery Level (KG to Grade II):

  • Family bondage and Teacher bridging
  • Behavior learning
  • Self-caring
  • Health care measures
  • Discovery through observation
  • Acquire Emotional balance
  • Learning of basic skills (Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing)
  • Co-operate with prior group and develop a social skills and moral values
  • Prepare to fit for next level of learning

Primary Level (Grade III to VI)

  • Strong bondage with family, teacher and neighbor
  • Character learning
  • Self-responsibility
  • Choosing of Nutritious and hygienic food for healthy life
  • Explore through understanding and learning
  • Develop to build accomadative nature with Kith & Kin
  • Experiential and activity based learning
  • Strengthen the basic skills to develop life values
  • Promote to adopt with the next level

Secondary level (Grade VII - VIII)

  • Affection and sharing with family, friends and teachers
  • Culture a behavior with Self-discipline and Self-realization for holistic development
  • Counselling to balance adolescent Illusions
  • Explore the physical and mental fitness and spiritual guidance through yoga and meditation
  • Preparing through application learning
  • Guide to know the importance of friends, affection of family and co-ordination with society
  • Motivate to think creatively and exploring the talent
  • Mold to step on for the future

Co-scholastic Activities

The behavior related to student’s life skills, attitude, knowledge, interest, values and physical health are described as Basic skill to acquire in Co-Scholastic domain. The process of assessing the progress related to Scholastic and Co-Scholastic area is called comprehensive assessment. For making the comprehensive assessment both aspects should be given importance.

Extra-curricular Activities

The school has made arrangements for ECA/physical fitness class to help the child for all-round development that happens every Monday and Tuesday evening up to 4.30pm at our school premises.

Categories into:

Fine Arts includes Instrumentals, Vocal Music and Classical Dance.

Physical Activities include Silambam, Skating and Chess.

Along with the above activities, physical fitness (Outdoor Games/ athletes) are also provided to energize the students for physically fit and healthy souls.

School Hours

Assembly: 9:15am (Everyday)

Forenoon Session: 9:15am to 12:15pm

Lunch Break: 12:15pm to 1:00pm

Afternoon Session: 1:00pm to 4:00pm


Our campus is designed in such a way to provide learners environment, reflecting kids imagination and facilitate academic and non-academic needs of the child. Fun filled architecture campus, spacious classrooms with limited students.An ideal student teacher ratio with facilitated infrastructure provide positive vibration for learning, taking in view the holistic development of the child


Our school library has a good collection of books-text books, reference books, story books, general knowledge books and dailies. Receives good number of journals, periodicals and magazines to update the learner’s knowledge.

Smart class

Since teaching through the latest technology is felt necessary for the present technology. We have equipped teachers to make the learning process an enjoyable and a better understanding of the concept.


We have separate labs for science and computer. We have introduced innovative student friendly Language lab, Math lab, etc to enrich our children for experiential learning.

Sports and Games

Sports and Games is an important part of the CBSE curriculum. Ability of the individual child is identified and tapped rightly with the help of special PET teachers. Depending on the interest and aptitude of the child, proper training is provided. The school offers indoor games like Chess, Carrom and Table Tennis and Outdoor games like Basketball, Tennikoit, Badminton, Throw Ball and Volley Ball. Well-equipped Kids Park is an important aspect of our playground.

Health and Hygiene

Prime importance is given to the health and hygiene of our students. This is ensured by implementing the following;

  • Providing RO drinking water
  • Uncompromised clean environment
  • Hygienic washrooms by close supervision and monitoring
  • Attitude to create environmental sensitivity