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Tradition of Excellence

About Us

Ramsun’s Group of Schools is endowed with Wisdom and Tradition of Excellence,since 1997. Ramsun’s Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Ramsun’s Nursery and Primary School and Ramsun’s International School of our group are not just schooling, but a journey of consistent learning.

Our younger generation needs different curriculum to suite the present knowledge exposure. We have embarked upon a venture to start Ramsun’s International School is in Natham – Dindigul Main Road surrounded by the Holy Hills of Karanthamalai.


Affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi, Affilliation No.:1930344

Tradition of Excellence

Our Prime Motto.

Overall Embracing Development of the Individual in Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Values.

Our Aim.
  • To Inculcate in Endearment, Truth, Devotion and Discipline in Our Student.

  • To arm the children with valued based sound Education and self – Disciplined character.

  • To inspire devotion to Divinity – irrespective of religion, enrich with culture integrity, respect for parents, teachers and elders.

  • To infuse astaunch national spirit with an international outlook and shower compassion for the needy and distressed.

  • To foster human values by providing holistic education and environment to enrich our prime motto among the learners, so as to mold them into ideal citizens of the future.

Our Vision.
  • To empower children with knowledge.

  • To develop critical and innovative thinking.

  • To promote initiative and creativity.

  • To develop multidimensional talent to face the present world.

  • To foster self-confidence and realization.

  • To connect the children’s life at school, home and community.

  • To create awareness about modern technology and to be a part of global citizenship.

Our Mission.
  • Child centered learning.

  • Child as a participant of learning giving ample space, time and freedom.

  • Create more knowledge out of the knowledge already acquired.

  • Monitoring through veteran experts.

  • Improving communication skills.

  • Expose the children to utilize the modern technology parallel to modern technology.

  • Well trained faculty.

  • Providing infrastructure to suit our mission and vision.


Teaching is a Noble Profession that shapes the character, caliber and future of an individual.

  • “If the people remember me as a good Teacher that will be the bigger honour for me.”

    Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam.
  • The faculty of Ramsun’s school are the second parents. They take the vital role in molding and sculpturing the individual. They take a role of a friend, guide and a counsellor to the learners. Their concern, commitment and dedication together with an innovative, imaginative and intellectual approach ignites an impressive and inspiring wage for learning. The facultyhave been chosen based on their experience and efficiency. We are the trend setters in updating our faculty by providing Workshops, Orientation programmes and Refresher courses.

    Ramsun’s school faculty

Notice Board

To Know about Ramsun's International School Announcement & exam results


  • Admissions for Academic Year 2023-24 opens from 27th March 2023

  • School Will reopen on 05th April 2023 for Academic Year 2023-2024

Exam Results

  • Session Ending(2022-23) Examination Results for Grade KG-IX will Declare on 25th March 2023

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Ramsun's International School,
Natham - Dindigul Main Road,
Natham - 624401
Dindigul District,
Tamil Nadu.

  • +91 89405 89456
  • +91 70941 39456